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CEO Mockup_v2.jpg


T-shirt Illustration.


This inspiring project was setup by in order to encourage meaningful change in business. By flipping sexist statements, a group of like-minded female designers & illustrators were challenged to design t-shirts to be sold online and further support the industry. My illustration was inspired by the traditional neon signs associated with red light districts to not only challenge the verbal stereotype but also the visual.


My explanatory blurb is as follows:

“I wanted to re-enforce this project’s revolutionary topic with visual themes commonplace in the sexual realm but, like the line itself, flip them headlong to provide an empowering alternative. Erotic neon signs and sixties porn titles therefore provided the visual inspiration.

By replacing the classic erotic symbols with strong iconography, an alternative perspective arises, one where the working girl is a respected creative powerhouse. Our CEO´s style and our typography came from the sixties, a time of uprising female dominance and sexual liberation. 

With this combination, the viewer may expect to see one thing but, upon inspection, a new message emerges.”

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