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Collage Illustration & Book Design.


This was my final university project which explored retro culture revival and nostalgia in design and sought to create a visual exploration and representation of Chinese New Zealand history. 

My objective was to challenge the perceived stereotypes apparent in society and to provide a visual history that celebrates the Chinese in NZ -- a history relatable to all New Zealanders. My project won a silver award at the New Zealand Best Awards that year.

My project blurb as follows:

"Visual pastiche of generalised Chinese culture combined with classic Kiwiana allowed a visual exploration of the similarities and celebration of differences between the two cultures. 

Chiwi reveals the irony of New Zealand's limited view of its multicultural history, using recognized cultural icons to familiarise 'the other'. The use of collage techniques emphasise the complexity of the cultural identity of the Chinese New Zealander and its patchwork creation. 

The retro aesthetic not only represents the historical value of the content, but was used to create a positive response towards this unique history that is relatable to all New Zealanders."

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